Live communication
for handball

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Optimize your training sessions

Coaches can provide instant feedback to players, helping them improve their individual and collective skills. This fosters the long-term growth and development of team members.

Handball players wearing the Soundstar while training with the Coachwhisperer

Advanced play calls

Train moves without having to announce them out loud? With Coachwhisperer you can insert individual sounds that you have assigned to play calls in advance.


Through this, players get more active practice times without mental interruptions and less physical standstills, which also helps to prevent injuries like muscle strains.

Handball player holding a ball while training with the Coachwhisperer Soundstar

7 out of 10

players feel more connected with their team when wearing the Soundstar

3 out of 4

players understand and implement training content better with our system

10 out of 10

coaches can imagine integrating the system into their everyday training

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