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Valentin Altenburg

Field hockey national coach of germany

“The Coachwhisperer helps to address individual players without having to address the feedback to everyone.

That helps a lot because you don’t hold up the whole team a bit with feedback for only a few of the players.”

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Take your tactics to the next level

Coachwhisperer makes the coordination of training much easier through the live-communication solution.

Give feedback to individual players just as easily as self-defined groups or the whole team at the same time.

Boost your training abilities

With the Coachwhisperer System, trainers increase there training abilities in multiple ways, like: 

  • immediate feedback opportunities in every single situation 
  • improve the players stress resilence by imitating a variety of sounds (f.e. stadium noise, pressure clocks etc.)
  • enhance the quality of the integration of new players 
  • decrease practice interruption times

Coachwhisperer for hockey

Interview with Valentin Altenburg

Field hockey national coach of germany

“The product is helping me so I can look for a position where I have a good overview and still communicate with my players.”

“Moreover, the product is a game-changer in coaches education! Coaches can get direct feedback from other coaches and share their experiences.”

7 out of 10

players feel more connected with their team when wearing the vest.

3 out of 4

players understand and implement training content better with our system.

10 out of 10

coaches can imagine integrating the system into their everyday training.

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Hockey: Revolutionary technology should ensure further success

Things are currently going pretty well for the German national hockey teams. To ensure that it stays that way, the teams are now relying on revolutionary technology.

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