the training revolution

With our sound vest every athlete can receive individual feedback, which allows a whole new level of support for everyone.

Train groups of players according to their position, integrate new athletes into the team easily without interrupting practice and maximize your time in play. These are just some of the use cases, in which your team can benefit from our Soundstar.

Live Communication System Soundvest



a fit for every body

How it works


Apart from our app, our live communication system consists of 4 mayor parts: Cloud, Cobox, Auda and Soundstar.
In order to learn more about a component and how it works, simply click on it below.

Cloud Button
Cobox Button NEW
Auda Button NEW
Soundstar Button

Step by step

Setting up the system before each training is quite simple.
It requires 3 basic steps, which you can see below.

  • 1

  • 2

  • 3

  • Assign a
    wearable to
    a player via
    the cobox

  • Insert the
    wearable into
    the sound vest
    and plug it in

  • Select player(s)
    and use the slider
    to start feedback
    via the Coach App

Which sports can benefit from the soundstar?

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