Influence of Sounds on Athletes

Athlete Performance

Have you ever thought about what impact it would have if athletes would start practicing high-pressure moments like shooting penalties while hearing the sound of an audience of 50.000 people? In this week’s blog post, we took a closer look at how simulated sounds carry effects athletes’ performance.

International football tournaments


This blog post will look at international soccer tournaments and their development over time. Here you can find out what international soccer tournaments are all about!

Goal-Line technology


Goal-line technology is intended to help referees correctly assess situations in the game and avoid wrong decisions. How did it come about and how does it all work?

Let’s talk defense: PPDA


This article is about a metric for defensive performance in football: Passes Allowed per Defensive Action, or PPDA.

Data scouting


Performance data is becoming increasingly important in talent scouting. We explain what data scouting is all about.

What to expect with ExG

Many football fans will already be familiar with the Expected Goals metric. The Expected Goals method is also being used more and more outside of analyses in television broadcasts. Find out how the value is composed and what exactly it can tell us here!

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