Communicate with your players

Communicate with your players

Have you ever wished that you could reach any of your players at any time?

With Coachwhisperer's intercom system, you can talk directly and in real time with all of your players on the field.

Live communication between coach and athlete

Coach and player are connected through our Hearable.
Using our iPad app, the coach can select which players he wants to communicate with.

The Training-Revolution

Our innovative and wireless Hearable enables a whole new dimension of individual support. The trainer can point out errors to athletes individually and in real time, as well as give instructions. All without interrupting training.
The immediate feedback allows much better athletic development.

Training hero and lifesaver
in one

Live monitoring like never before: Our Hearable measures the athlete's heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and stress zones without restricting their movement.

It's all in the green zone

By recording the stress zones in real time, the coach can ensure that the athletes are in their optimal stress zone at all time.

The coach can immediately warn the athletes via our Hearable if they exceed a critical value. This minimizes the risk of injury and long-term damage.

Live Communication for everyone

Our sound vest is especially useful for children and youth sports. 
This is due to the fact that young athletes are still growing and therefore (similar to soccer shoes) the hearable would need to be replaced frequently for an optimal fit. A small, washable speaker in the shoulder area of the vest allows real-time communication with athletes.

Here's how it works


Select a player, a group or the whole team

Move the slider to the right



Pass instructions through and end the conversation

A plan for every training

With the help of our training catalog, the next training plan can be put together from over 500 exercises in no time at all.

Communication is key

and coachwhisperer is the answer

The valuable time that previously had to be spent on explanations now benefits the team and training thanks to our globally unique team communication system.

Coachwhisperer combines live communication, vital data tracking and analysis, as well as training planning in an innovative all-in-one solution for which we have already filed a patent.

Thanks to our technology, no athlete is neglected any longer. Because every athlete is different and deserves to be supported individually.

Questions upon questions


Our Hearable is made of a flexible, pliable material, which means there is no risk of injury In addition to one-size-fits-all, we offer customization of the Hearable, resulting in the greatest possible comfort for the athlete. Furthermore, our Hearable is designed in such a way that external noise can have unrestricted perception. This means that the ear is not sealed off, so that the athlete's perception is not impaired.

Yes, the colors of the Hearable are freely selectable on the basis of a color palette. For sports clubs, a Hearable in the respective club colors is a good choice. Also the fit of the Hearables can be can be customized for each athlete to provide maximum comfort.

Yes, each player needs their own hearable. Our system collects specific data for the player to whom the Hearable is assigned. The shared use of a hearable is accordingly not possibleas this would falsify the data. Apart from that, hygiene and comfort also speak against sharing a Hearable.

The Hearable is stored in a specially designed case, which is also used to charge the Hearable.

So far, the product is only applicable in training due to the regulations, but this could change in the future. Our product is specialized for use in training and brings enormous time saving with it. The direct communication channel means that training does not have to be constantly interrupted because athletes do not understand an instruction acoustically. In addition, the app's included Training planning with integrated training catalog makes the daily life of a coach a lot less stressful.

The principle of direct communication between quarterback and coach has been applied in football for a long time. However, our product is quite different from the current standard in football: We do not rely on a radio connection, but on an app-based Intercom-System.With a radio system, every player listens in on the frequency, and individual players cannot be addressed. Our system allows the coaching staff to select individual players, groups or the whole team. This allows the coach to communicate with every player - not just with a position like a quarterback. Each player will be equipped with a customized Hearable. This allows our technology to be used outside of sports like football, where a helmet has previously been required for the communication system. Our system creates no restriction in the acoustic perception of the environment, unlike a helmet.

Next to the live-communication function of our system the live monitoring is an important component of our product, which also clearly differentiates us from the system used in football. The cardiac arrest of Christian Eriksen, at Euro 2021 shocked the entire sports world. Similar cases of undiagnosed heart diseases or disorders are currently accumulating, if we think of Davies in the Bundesliga, Agüero in La Liga or Coulibaly in the Quatar Stars league, for example. Our Hearable thus fulfills an important need: the recording of heart rate, blood oxygen saturation as well as individual stress zones in order to warn the players at a critical value at an early stage and thus prevent injuries and long-term damage. This is done via the ear and therefore does not interfere with the players' movement. At first glance, our solution may seem similar to existing and established systems, but we offer many more use cases and advantages, as we have created an all-in-one solution.

the worlds first live communication and monitoring system


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