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We take training to the next level and help coaches and athletes reach their true potential with the world’s first live communication system for sports.

  • Live Communication System Soundvest

Communication is key

our sound vest in action

Our Soundstar Live Communication System enables direct and discrete feedback from coach to athlete.

This is not only very beneficial for individual development, it also saves a lot of valuable training time. Additionally, our technology makes new styles of training (like coaching from a distance with a birds-eye view) possible.

How does our live communication system benefit training?

Coaches and athletes face many challenges when preparing for the next competition on a daily basis.
We have developed an innovative and unique solution to these struggles.

Live communication in sports saves valuable training time, optimizes the learning process and creates perspectives for new training methods (like coaching from a birds-eye view).

Live feedback
with the coach app

Training App Live Communication

We have developed our Coach-App so that it makes the communication with individual players or groups as simple and flexible as possible. Even after setting up a training session, coaches can still easily change the formation or substitute players in and out of the defined groups. It is also possible to add players to the „favorites“ tab, which is very helpful for example when onboarding new players.

For everyone

Our goal is to help teams from any sport to optimize their training in order to support coaches and athletes of all kind on their journey to success!

Coming soon:

In-Ear Intercom & Monitoring

Our innovative and wireless LiveHearo enables a whole new dimension of individual support: In addition to enabling direct coach-athlete communication, it takes live monitoring to the next level. The Hearable measures the athlete’s vital parameters without restricting their movement.

Frequently asked questions

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In-game use is a very interesting topic for us, as we have already have several requests regarding this. With market entry of our product we can start the process for in-game admission. We will ultimately follow the wishes of coaches and clubs working with us. With the current regulations, the product is permitted for use in trainings, friendly and test games (see here for example).

Our live communication system is specialized for training and so facilitates enormous time savings. The direct communication channel means that training does not have to be constantly interrupted because athletes acoustically can’t understand an instruction. In addition, the app’s included training planning with integrated training catalog makes the daily life of a coach a lot less stressful.

The principle of direct communication between quarterback and coach has been applied in football for a long time. However, our product is quite different from the current standard in football: We do not rely on a radio connection (like a Walkie-Talkie), but on an app-based Intercom-System. With a radio system, every player listens in on the same frequency, and individual players cannot be addressed.

Our live communication system allows the coaching staff to select individual players, groups or the whole team. The groups are flexible and can be adjusted live during a training session. This allows the coach to communicate with every player – not just with a position like a quarterback. Each player is equipped with a customized Hearable or our sound vest. This allows our technology to be used outside of sports like football, where a helmet has previously been required for the communication system. Our system creates no restriction in the acoustic perception of the environment, unlike a helmet.

Next to the live-communication function of our system the live monitoring via the Hearable is an important component of our product, which also clearly differentiates us from the system used in football. Our Hearable fulfills an important need: it records heart rate, RR-intervals, as well as individual stress zones in order to quickly warn the players when they reach a critical value. In the future it will also be able to track blood oxygen saturation (SpO2). This is done via the ear and therefore does not interfere with the players’ movement.

At first glance, our solution may seem similar to existing and established systems, but we offer many more use cases and advantages, as we have created an all-in-one solution.

Direct and discreet feedback enables the coach to provide optimal support to each of his athletes during training – without interrupting training. Also, the absence of constant training interruptions saves a lot of valuable training time, increasing the net time in play. Read more about benefits and use cases here.


A club or academy can use one system for multiple teams. However, only one team can use the system at a time. Find out more about how this works here.

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